Deep Ocean Survey

Knudsen Chirp 3260 offers innovative proven solutions to serious full ocean depth bathymetry and sub-bottom profiling requirements. Within North American, customers such as the U.S. and Canadian Coast Guards, NOAA, and the UNOLS fleet of deep ocean research vessels have chosen Knudsen deep water echosounders for their demanding full ocean depth missions.

Chirp 3260

The Chirp 3260 is designed for full ocean depth work where high transmit output power is a requirement. The Chirp 3260's 5U rackmount case can be fitted with up to six 2kW transmitter modules to output up to 12kW of total system power. The most common arrangement used by the research community worldwide is one 3.5 kHz channel configured for 10KW paired together with a 2KW, 12 kHz channel.

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