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320N Next Generation Fathometer

The 320N Fathometer has been designed as a plug-in replacement for the aging U.S. Navy AN/UQN-4 with appropriate connections. The 320N Fathometer is a state-of-the-art system with a user friendly touchscreen interface. Its low maintenance modular construction, simple installation and hands free operation make it the most flexible fleet echosounder available. It is currently installed on several U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, and Royal Australian Navy vessels. The dry end electronics is intended for easy interface both current ship installed 12 kHz. UQN-4 transducers (no dry dock required) ,but it can also be readily configured to other new, as well as different frequency transducers. An internal logging of the Echogram Record is provided.

  • No Drydock - Interface to Existing Transducers
  • Internal Logging of Echogram Record

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320N with mounting plate

320N with mounting fixture package including:

One frequency agile channel, up to 2kW of output power, built-in computer with touch screen control. Includes Windows SounderSuite USB Package with EchoControl Client/Server & Post Survey software, supporting utilities, user’s manual, and interface connectors.

Note: The 320N with shock approved mounting fixture configuration provides Grade A shock certification. This mounting hardware assembly also allows drop in replacement on an existing UQN-4 foundation.


Optional digital depth display for 320N.


The EchoSim is a portable test and calibration instrument designed to simplify performance evaluation and troubleshooting of echosounders and transducers including Knudsen equipment. Its main functions are: echo simulation, echosounder transmitter tests, and transducer tests. It currently supports a frequency range from 3.5kHz up to 24kHz and system output powers up to 10kW.

The EchoSim is controlled through a Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI). The EchoSim is a USB device, allowing any computer with host USB port capabilities to serve as a user interface.

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